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BTN is offering for the first time a subscription program that gives our FreshStart service providers the opportunity to purchase license keys at the lowest price ever, at just $10.00 per key for a 10-use key. These keys will be issued at the beginning of each month to subscribers and do not expire. If you plan to FreshStart at least 90 PCs over the next 12 months this is the plan for you! Note that subscribers can also purchase additional 10-use keys as needed for the same price of just $100 each by sending a purchase request to .moc.riaperntb%40vedsubTo sign up just complete the information below. Your first key will be sent to you upon registration and first month payment and a new key will be sent to you each month after that.

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BTN FreshStart Subscription Terms and Conditions
1. Subscription Key – By signing up for the BTN FreshStart subscription key program, your company is agreeing to purchase one 10-use FreshStart key each month at a price of $100.00 per key. These keys will be sent to you via the contact email address provided by you at registration. The keys will be sent on the first weekday of each month following our successful payment processing from the credit card or banking account information that you have provided BTN.
2. Additional Key Purchases – Additional 10-use keys can be purchased at the $100.00 price only by currently active subscribers. To purchase additional keys simply send an email request with your account name to .moc.riaperntb%40vedsub
3. Key Expiration – These keys do not expire and can be used on more than one service PC, however if a drive requires re-imaging due to an error, the same service PC must be used, or another key use will be charged.
4. Key Use Terms – FreshStart Key subscribers agree to the terms of use for delivering a FreshStart service as outlined on our corporate website at Only BTN FreshStart provided WIM images installed using the FreshStart imaging tool may be used. The service delivery process provided by BTN must be followed.
5. Payment Terms – Subscribers will be charged automatically $100.00 at the beginning of each month using the payment vehicle provided by the subscriber.
6. Cancellation – Subscribers can cancel at any time and are welcome to re-subscribe at any time. Simply provide us official email notification at .moc.riaperntb%40vedsub
7. FreshStart Key Resale – Subscriber keys are for use by your company only and can not be resold to other companies or independent service providers. Resold keys will appear in our cloud server by location and will be deactivated if not purchased directly from BTN. If your company has multiple locations or vans with service PCs, please let us know during registration so that we can make a notation to your account profile.