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Technician Training Materials

The easiest and fastest way to become an expert in both selling and delivering FreshStart services is to sign up for our subscription program. 
FreshStart subscribers have access to free one-on-one or group Zoom training sessions that typically only take around 30 minutes. If your store has occasional staff turnover, do not worry. These training sessions are offered whenever you need them for as long as you remain a subscriber. 
Not ready to subscribe just yet. No problem. Download our training manual or watch the FreshStart training video found below.


FreshStart Service Training Video

FreshStart Sales Training Video

FreshStart Imaging Tool

Prepare your service PC by downloading our FreshStart Imaging Tool. When the program loads, you can download the FreshStart WIM images you need to image the replacement drives.

FreshStart Tech Guide

This guide provides you everything that you need to know to successfully sell and deliver FreshStart services.

Onsite Service Guide

After reviewing the Tech Guide if you are an MSP or IT service Provider planning on delivering onsite FreshStart service please review this guide.